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Dream On

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30 min - 6 Seasons - 120 Episodes - Ended




1990 - 1996


Dream On is an adult situation comedy about Martin Tupper, whose life is full of colorful characters. While Martin goes on numerous dates, he still has time for his family and best friend (Eddie Charles). Martin, played by Brian Benben, is divorced from Judith, but they remain friends (though, her unseen "perfect" husband annoys Martin). Martin and Judith jointly raise their growing teenage son (Jeremy).

Recurring Cast

Brian Benben as Martin Tupper
Chris Demetral as Jeremy Tupper
Wendie Malick as Judith Tupper Stone
Denny Dillon as Toby Pedalbee
Dorien Wilson as Eddie Charles (1991-1996)
Jeffrey Joseph as Eddie Charles (1990)
Michael McKean as Gibby Fiske
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