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Third Watch

4.7 stars (27 votes)
60 min - 6 Seasons - 132 Episodes - Ended




1999 - 2005


Third Watch tells the stories of the members of the 55 Squad -- the police, firefighters and paramedics who work the "third watch" between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. -- the finest and the bravest who protect and serve the citizens of New York. Theme Song: "Keep Hope Alive" by The Crystal Method from their "Vegas" cd.

Recurring Cast

Anthony Ruivivar as Carlos Nieto
Coby Bell as Officer Tyrone Davis
Jason Wiles as Officer Maurice Boscorelli
Michael Beach as Monte Doc Parker
Molly Price as Officer Faith Yokas
Skipp Sudduth as Officer John Sully Sullivan
Kim Raver as Kim Zambrano
Eddie Cibrian as Jimmy Doherty
Tia Texada as Sergeant Maritza Cruz
Amy Carlson as Alex Taylor
Nia Long as Officer Sasha Monroe
Cara Buono as Grace Foster
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