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The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 14

Aired: September 25, 1960 - July 30, 1961
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  • September 25, 1960
    Guests: --David Seville & the Chipmunks (The Bunin Puppets as the Chipmunks) - ""Comin' Round The Mountain"" & ""The Witch Doctor"" --Red Buttons - Thank Heaven For Little Girls"" --Patachou - ""Manege"" (in French) & ""All The Way"" --Dick Roman - ""Wagon Wheels"" & ""The Sound Of Music"" and, later in show, a medley of French songs: ""C'est Si Bon,"" ""April In Paris,"" ""Rigalle,"" ""Aupres De Ma Blonde"" & ""Poor People Of Paris"" --Jan Peerce - ""Vesti La Giubbia"" --The Ardrey Sisters (singers/dancers) - while seated, they tap dance as if they are typing and, later in show, they sing & tape dance to ""Mountain Music."" --Bob Hammond's Birds (cockatoos) - sketch where birds attack a fort --Rex William's Elephants (animal act, one elephant stands on backs of two others) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist doing variation of the ""Who's On First"" routine using band members instead of ball players) --Milbourne Christopher (magician) - does rope trick, then makes 10 people appear from a bo
  • October 02, 1960
    Guests: --Bob Newhart (comedian) - does a monologue about an employee who releases all of his pent-up resentment at his retirement party. --Mickey Rooney & Joey Foreman (comedy sketch) - Rooney plays a drunken, inept Senator interviewed by reporter Forman. --Danny Thomas (stand-up routine: sings a little & tells jokes about marriage) --The McGuire Sisters - ""I Love You"" --The McGuire Sisters & the Kane Triplets - ""Kids"" (from ""Bye Bye Birdie""); ""Hound Dog"" excerpt, ""When the Saints Go Marching In"" & ""That Old Soft Shoe"" --Earl Grant (singer-organist) - ""Old Man River"" and ""El Cumbanchero"" --Harvest Moon Dancers (perform various dances: the rhumba, waltz, polka, jitterbug, and the fox trot) Audience bows: Roger Maris, Elston Howard, Whitey Ford; Bill ""Moose"" Skowron (of the New York Yankees); Wilma Rudolph (Olympic track star who won 3 gold metals); Marjorie Lord; Andy Griffith; Al Mingert (Mingert bows from stage). This episode was repeated 16-Jul-61.
  • October 16, 1960
    Broadcast from San Francisco (the 1st in Sullivan's ""See America"" series): --Peggy Lee - ""I Love Being Here with You,"" ""Yes Indeed"" & ""Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)"" --Johnny Mathis --the Dave Brubeck Quartet --Mort Sahl --Dorothy Kirsten --The Limelighters Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Little Ginny Tiu --The San Francisco Boys Chorus
  • October 23, 1960
    Scheduled guests: --Jack Carter (comedian) --Gordon and Sheila MacRae (husband and wife musical-comedy duo) --The Crosby Brothers --Erroll Garner (jazz musician) --Eileen Farrell (soprano) --The Five Williams (juggling act)
  • November 06, 1960
    Filmed in Chicago (the 2nd in Sullivan's ""See America"" series) Guests (from various Chicago sites): --Charlton Heston at Northwestern University. Ed talks with Heston about his days at Northwestern. Heston recites the Carl Sandburg poem ""Chicago."" --Mahalia Jackson (gospel singer) sings ""How Great Thou Art"" to group of children. --Benny Goodman (clarinetist) - ""Running Wild"" and, at the Art Institute, plays with Chicago's Fine Arts String Quartet. --Bob Newhart (stand-up comedy routine: school for bus drivers, Chicago) Segment probably filmed at Loyola University. --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist, with Charlie McCarthy) - Bergen wears a Viking helmet while they tell a story about the Vikings. --Delores Gray (musical-comedy star) - ""Alexander's Ragtime Band"" --The Swe-Danes (vocal-instrumental trio) - ""The Swe-Dane Shuffle"" and ""Cukoo Bird"" -- Medinan Black Horse Troop (Black Horse Guards) - equestrian troupe ride in a formation parade. Throughout the program Sullivan vi
  • November 13, 1960
    Scenes from ""Bye Bye Birdie"" (Broadway cast): --Trio of teenage girls sing ""We Love You Conrad"" (joined by Dick Van Dyke) --Dick Van Dyke sings ""Put on A Happy Face"" (song & dance number with teenage girl) --Chita Rivera - ""Spanish Rose"" (song and dance number) Other guests: --Walter Pidgeon (actor) and Beatrice Lillie - ""Bored"" (""Bored People"") --Beatrice Lillie - ""Little White Bull"" --John Wayne - promotes the film ""The Alamo"" --Shirley Bassey (British singer) - ""S'wonderful"" & ""The Party's Over"" --Rowan & Martin (comedy team) - routine where an alcoholic tries to stop drinking --Sam Levenson (stand-up comedian) - routine about a school teacher --The Le Bully Trio (German novelty act) - German clown act
  • November 20, 1960
    Guests: --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - stand-up comedy segment includes a bit with Ed. (Jerry is trying to teach Ed more lively ways to host the show and introduce the guests.) --Connie Francis - ""Many Tears Ago"" & ""Mamala"" (Jewish song, might not be the correct spelling) --Sophie Tucker --The Kim Sisters (a vocal-instrumental trio from Korea) --Ford and Reynolds (comedy team) --The Carere (Caesar?) Brothers
  • November 27, 1960
    Scheduled guests: --Tony Martin --Anna Maria Alberghetti --Shecky Greene (comedian) --Birgit Nilsson (opera singer) --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --The 1960 All-America Football Team (selected by the American Football Coaches Association)
  • December 04, 1960
    Guests: --Jackie Wilson - ""To Be Loved,"" ""Lonely Teardrops"" & ""Alone At Last"" --Mort Sahl (stand-up comedian) - makes comments about JFK; U.S. foreign policy; the Korean War, time spent in a Veterans clinic; NYC police; and Charles Van Doren --Jane Morgan - ""I Gave My Love a Cherry"" & ""Kisses Sweeter Than Wine"" (and possibly ""Riddle Song"" & ""It Takes Love"") --Joyce Flissler - ""Melodie"" (classical violinist plays Tchaikovsky) --Joselito (10 year old Spanish singer) - ""Alegrias"" & ""Violino Tzgana"" (correct song titles?) --Barney Lee (Hawaiian fire dancer / juggler) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act, doing Sinclair Lewis & ""Mutiny On the Bounty"" bit) --Rod Alexander and Carmen G. (dance team) - couple dances to records: ""Hoedown,"" ""Theme From 'The Apartment'"" & ""Hucklebuck."" Audience bows: Colleen Dewhurst (star of Broadway's ""All the Way Home""); Ailene MacMahon
  • December 11, 1960
    Scheduled guests: --Teresa Brewer (singer) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Guy Marks (comedian) --Billy Eckstine (singer) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --Pompoff Thedy and family (clown trio) --The Swe-Danes (a vocal and instrumental trio from Scandinavia)
  • December 18, 1960
    Guests: --Roger Williams (pianist) - ""Flight Of the Bumblebee"" & ""O Come All Ye Faithful"" --Mahalia Jackson - ""Sweet Little Jesus Boy"" and ""By His Word"" --Hal March & Tom D' Andrea - Army skit: two pals discuss their life in the service --Jack Carter (stand-up comedy routine: show biz & social criticism) --The Limeliters - ""There's A Meeting Here Tonight"" & When I Came To This Land"" (with solo by Glenn Yarborough) --Trude Adams - ""Look Where You're Going"" (sings to a puppet) --Coco The Chimp (Chimp act) - Chimp in army uniform performs military stances. --Phil Ford & Mimi Hines (husband & wife comedy team) - play a British couple, Reggie & Cynthia, they sing ""Wherever We Go"" Finale: Roger Williams, other guests, & Ed sing ""Santa Claus Is Coming To Town""
  • December 25, 1960
    Guests: --Roberta Peters & Alfred Drake - ""Winter Wonderland"" duet --Roberta Peters - ""Swiss Echo Song"" (Roberta dressed in traditional Swiss costume)--Alfred Drake - ""I Wonder As I Wander"" --Odetta - ""Shout For Joy"" & ""Poor Little Jesus"" (singing Gospel style & playing folk guitar) --Sound of Music girls (Broadway cast?) - sing ""Little Snowman"" --Baird Puppets - Sketch where an elf puppet kidnaps Ed. Ed becomes a puppet introducing acts for Baird. --Gali Gali (magician doing tricks, assisted by Desi Arnaz and Steven Marx, Groucho's grandson) Note: might be Desi Jr. --Robert Shaw Chorale (shown caroling through Rockefeller Center) - ""Joy To The World,"" ""God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"" & ""The First Noel"" --Ed Sullivan & Shaw Chorale - Ed reads ""The Stranger,"" a poem about Jesus while the Shaw Chorale hums ""Silent Night."" --Robert Shaw Chorale (at end of show) - European medley --Night scenes of NYC: RCA skyscraper lit at night & 65 Foot Christmas tree at Rockefeller
  • January 01, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Tammy Grimes (musical-comedy performer, from Broadway's ""The Unsinkable Molly Brown"") --Dick Haymes and Fran Jeffries (husband-and-wife entertainers) --George Jessel (comedian) --Earl Grant (singer-organist)
  • January 08, 1961
    --show opening --Gogi Grant - sings a medley of songs from ""Gypsy"" --Dewey Pigmeat Martin (comedian) - does a lemon under the table routine --Robert Goulet - ""By Myself"" (or possibly ""C'est Moi"") from ""Camelot"" (Goulet not in costume.) --Bob and Ray (comedy team) - talk about old radio days, man on the street routine, Bob interviews Ray in audience. --Damita Jo - ""It's Too Soon to Know"" --Bob Newhart (comedian) - classic submarine routine --Iran Janbez (acrobatic duo) --Sullivan introduces Sal Mineo by giving background information on the actor, mentions Israel and the movie ""Exodus"" --Sal Mineo - reads from Exodus Chapter 15 --Robert Goulet - ""If Ever I Would Leave You"" from ""Camelot"" --Audience bow: Joe Pasternak --closing titles
  • January 22, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --The Belafonte Folk Singers --Edgar Bergen (vertriloquist) --The McGuire Sisters (singers) - ""Run, Run, Run"" --Don Adams (comedian) - does a magic act --Sam Levene (actor) - reads ""How Tevya Became a Dairyman,"" a Sholom Aleichem story. --Joselito (13-year-old Spanish singer) - ""Little Carousel"" & ""Ave Maria"" (Joselito's 2nd Sullivan appearance) --Augie and Margo (dancers) --Princess Trajana (trapeze performer)
  • January 29, 1961
    --Carmen McRae (singer) - performs ""Isn't It Romantic"" and ""Comes Love"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Nat King Cole (singer) --Carol Channing (musical-comedy star) --Ferrante and Teicher (piano duo) --Hank and David (teenage singing duo) --Guy Marks (comedian) --Wally Boag (comedian) --Roberto Iglesias (dancer with his company of Spanish dancers)
  • February 05, 1961
    Guests: --Dorothy Dandrige (actress-singer) - ""Lonely Little Lady In The Dark,"" ""Everytime"" & ""Somebody"" --George Jessel - tells jokes & sings ""Toot Toot Tootsie"" (Al Jolsen style) --Pete Fountain (clarinet player with his jazz quartet) - ""I Got Rhythm"" --Errol Garner (jazz pianist w/combo) - ""Solitaire"" & ""It's All Right With Me"" --Tommy Noonan and Peter Marshall (comedy team) - bar sketch with a hung over man with the shakes. (Peter Marshall from the ""Hollywood Squares"") --Cesare Siepi (opera singer) - singes from the Neapolitan Festival --The Barry Sisters (singers) - ""Ciao, Ciao"" & ""Bambino"" (in Italian & English) --Mira Brassfield & Doris Fuchs (olympic gymnasts doing a parallel bar routine) --Boy Scouts recite oath --Hugh Lambert Dancers (regulars doing a modern dance number) --Audience bows: Joey Ray, Abe Lasgow, Gene Delmont --On film: scenes from the movie ""The Misfits"" with Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.
  • February 12, 1961
    Guests include: --Paul Anka (singer) - ""The Story of My Love,"" ""Somebody Loves Me"" and ""Each Day is Valentine's Day"" --Henry Fonda (actor) - reads two Abraham Lincoln speeches --The Wanderers (doo wop vocal quartet) - sings ""Shad Rack"" and an Israeli song ""Where Can I Go"" --Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks (comedians) --Claude Thompson and Carmen de Lavallade (dancers) - perform John Butler's conception of ""Willow Weep for Me"" --Peggy Lee (singer) - ""Winter Weather,"" ""Why Don't You Do Right"" and 1 more song (title unknown) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Audience bows: Jimmy Durante & his wife Margie Little.
  • February 19, 1961
    --Lucille Ball and Paula Steward sing ""Hey, Look Me Over,"" a song they performed together in the Broadway play ""Wildcat."" --Wayne And Schuster (comedy team, doing their ""Dead Eye"" routine set in saloon. Ed Sullivan plays Dead Eye). --Rowan and Martin (comedy team doing a diet doctor routine) --Jack Carter (comedian, sings ""Sing You Sinners"" and does beatnik jokes & a flamingo dance) --Leon Bib (folk singer) - ""The Ox Driver"" and ""Maria"" --The Bill Black Combo (instrumental group, former back-up group to Elvis) - instrumental medley: ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ""Cherry Pink"" & ""Hearts Of Stone"" --Lisa Carroll - ""Language Of Love"" --Sondra Lee & Buzz Miller (dancers) - modern jazz routine (with back-up dancers) --Justin Wilson (Cajun storyteller)
  • February 26, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Frank Gorshin (comedian) --Dolores Gray (musical-comedy star) --Spike Jones (bandleader-comedian) --Shari Lewis (puppeteer) --The Piero Brothers (jugglers) --Blossom Seeley --Henny Youngman (comedian)
  • March 05, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Louis Armstrong and his band --Bob Newhart (comedian) --Phil Ford and Mimi Hines (comedy team) --Joan Fairfax (singer) --Ron Hussmann (musical-comedy performer) --Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya (classical-guitar duo) --The Novelities (musical-comedy group) --Jackie Wilson
  • March 12, 1961
    Scheduled guests (St. Patrick's Day theme) --Tammy Grimes (musical-comedy star) --Pat O'Brien (actor) --The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem (folk-singing group) --Mary O'Hara (harpist) --Brendan O'Dowda (Irish tenor)
  • March 19, 1961
    Salute to Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe. Guests: --Lerner & Lowe - perform a medley of their tunes including ""How to Handle a Woman"" --Julie Andrews - ""Wouldn't It Be Loverly"" (production number with cast from ""My Fair Lady"") --Julie Andrews - ""I Could Have Danced All Night"" --Charles Victor - ""With a Little Bit of Luck"" --Julie Andrews & Richard Burton - ""What Do the Simple Folk Do?"" (from ""Camelot"") --Richard Burton - ""Camelot"" --Julie Andrews & Robert Goulet - ""Almost Like Being in Love"" (from ""Brigadoon"") --Robert Goulet - ""Gigi"" and ""They Call the Wind Maria"" --Manolo Fabregas - ""Por Que No Aprenden?"" (Spanish version of ""Why Can't the English?"") --On film: Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold - ""I Remember It Well"" (clip from the movie ""Gigi"")
  • March 26, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Della Reese (singer) --Johnny Carson (comedian) --Erroll Garner (jazz pianist) --Alfred Drake (musical-comedy star) --Joan Holloway (dancer) --Tony Pastor with sons Tony Jr. and Guy (vocal and instrumental group)
  • April 02, 1961
    Guests: --Charlton Heston (actor) - dramatic Biblical reading: ""Passion Of Our Lord"" --Roger Williams (pianist) - ""Abide with Me."" Later in show, ""I Love You Truly"" & ""Sweethearts"" medley. --Dick Roman (singer) - ""April In Paris"" --Leontyne Price - Lord's Prayer"" and ""Vissi D'arte"" (second song in Italian) --Anita Bryant (singer) - Spring medley --The Baird Puppets with puppeteer Bill Baird - Puppet playing ""Easter Parade"" on piano. --Evana Lein (from the ""Sound of Music"" play) - ""Finding the Magic Easter Egg"" production number. --Russ Burgess Birds (performing birds) - Birds doing tricks: riding on mini Ferris wheel & railroad train.
  • April 09, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Jan Peerce (tenor) --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Julie Wilson (singer) --Smith and Dale (comedy team) --The First Percussion Sextet --Kimo Lee and the Modernasians --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist act)
  • April 16, 1961
    Guests: --Pearl Bailey - ""New Shoes"" (more comedy than singing) & ""I Can't Give You Anything But Love"" --Pearl Bailey & Carmen De Lavallade - ""Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree"" --Anna Maria Alberghetti - ""Yes My Heart"" (from the Broadway musical ""Carnival"") --Anna Maria Alberghetti - ""Come Back To Sorrento"" (in Italian) --Jerry Orbach - ""Her Face"" (from the Broadway musical ""Carnival"") --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) --George Kirby (comedian) - does impressions of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Gary Cooper, Pearl Bailey, and Ed Sullivan --Sandy Stewart (singer) - ""After You've Gone"" --Hugh Lambert Dancers (6 Male Jazz Dancers On Gymnasium set) --The Dandy Brothers (two clowns from Italy) --Audience bows: Mrs. Babe Ruth & Clair Ruth
  • April 23, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Harpo Marx --Steve Rossi and Marty Allen (comedy team) --Buddy Greco (singer) --Dick Haymes and Fran Jeffries (husband & wife musical comedy team) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --Richardi (magician) --Timmie Rogers (comedian) --Marisol (15-year-old singer)
  • April 30, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Dizzy Gillespie --Rowan & Martin --The McGuire Sisters --Eileen Farrell
  • May 07, 1961
    Guests: --Al Hirt (jazz musician) --Rosemary Clooney (singer) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Earl Grant (singer-organist) --The Crosby Brothers (singers) --Wisa O'Orso (dancer) --The Amazing Mr. Ballantine (comic magician) --The Elkin Sisters (balancing act) --The Marquis Chimps CBS repeated this show on Aug. 20, 1961.
  • May 14, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Teresa Brewer - ""Silver in My Mother's Hair"" & ""Milord"" --Gene Barry (from ""Bat Masterson"") --Teresa Brewer & Gene Barry - ""Hills of Old Kentucky"" --The Three Stooges (comedy team) --Richard Tucker (opera singer) - ""Nessun dorma"" --Pete Fountain's jazz group --The Idlers (US Coast Guard vocal group) - ""Sea Chanties"" --Adam Keefe (comedian) --Larry Griswold (acrobatic comedian)
  • May 21, 1961
    Guests (broadcast from the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas): --Sandy Stewart sings ""Some of These Days"" --Rudy Cardenas (juggler from Mexico) --Michelle & Michael (high divers / arial artists) - perform a high wire act over a huge pool --Slap Dancers - humorous dance routine with German  ethnic dancers slapping each other while dancing. --Mac Ronay (French mime / magician) - does rope tricks --Japanese cyclist - woman does a balancing act on a bike --Phil Harris sings ""Preacher"" & ""The Bear"" (with the Jubliee Four) --The Jubilee Four (gospel quartet) - ""Old Time Religion"" --Audience bows: the Crosby Brothers; Jack Benny and Jerry Lewis --Jerry Lewis - following his audience bow, Lewis runs on stage and does a stand-up comedy routine: he makes fun of Ed Sullivan; tells jokes about folk singers and rock 'n' roll music (he mentions his son's band ""Gary and the Playboys""); and sings ""Mammy"" (Al Jolson's signature song).
  • May 28, 1961
    Guests: --Jackie Wilson - ""For Me And My Gal"" & ""I'm Coming Back To You"" --Sophia Loren - appears live on stage to promote ""Two Women"" (stills & clip from the film are shown). --Don Adams (comedian, does an umpire routine) --Tammy Grimes - ""I Ain't Down Yet"" & ""Dolce Far Niente"" (both songs from ""The Unsinkable Molly Brown"" --Abbe Lane - ""Never On Sunday "" --Xavier Cugat & Orchestra - ""Jungle Concerto"" (with 2 dancers) --Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane - ""The Pachanga"" --Roberta Peters - Aria From ""Lucia Di Lammermoor"" --Guy Marks - opera sketch --Dick Albershart (acrobat) appears twice in show doing a comic trampoline act --Audience bow: Mrs. Lou Gehrig
  • June 04, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Roger Williams (pianist) --Mort Sahl (comedian) --The Limeliters (vocal & instrumental group) --The Amandis (a tumbling act)
  • June 11, 1961
    Guests: --Mahalia Jackson - ""Come On Children Let's Sing"" & ""Rock Of Ages"" --Delores Gray - Summer stock medley: ""C'est Magnifique"" and ""You Can't Get A Man with A Gun"" (with 4 dancers) --Mike Clifford - ""Pretty Little Girl"" & ""At Last"" --Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) --Tito Guizar (singer) - medley of Mexican Songs --Tito & Lilia Guizar - ""Tic Tac"" --Mickey Wright (female golf pro, swings golf club on stage) --Georgio Tozzi (opera singer, spelled ""Georgio Caty"" on transcript) - ""I've Got Plenty Of Nothing"" --Dick Weston (ventriloquist with two dummies) --Rola And Rolan (acrobatic balancing act) --Burger's Animals (trained animal act) - dogs & monkey ride pony, boxing dogs, other dog tricks --Sabor V (huge robot on stage) - robot shakes hands with Ed & says they look alike. --On stage bow: Eleanor Powell
  • June 18, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Connie Francis (singer) --Al Hirt (trumpeter, with his combo) --Robert Goulet (musical-comedy star) --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Charlie Manna (comedian) --Rosarie and Tony (novelty animal act)
  • June 25, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Nancy Walker (comedian) --Nancy Dussault (singer) --Earl Grant (singer-organist) --Conrad Buckner (tap dancer) --Sam Levenson (comedian) --Peter Palmer (singer) --Lisa Carroll (singer) --Necker's Dalmations (animal act)
  • July 02, 1961
    Guests: --Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra - ""Sleepy Time Down South,"" ""Up A Lazy River,"" ""Ole Miss"" & ""Bill Bailey"" (last 2 songs with combo on stage, without orchestra). --Teresa Brewer - World War One production number: ""Smile, Smile, Smile,"" ""Till We Meet Again,"" ""Over There,"" ""My Buddy"" & ""How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm?"" --Teresa Brewer (later in show) - ""Bidin' My Time"" --Rowan & Martin (comedy team doing a hotel sketch: Rowan wants to sleep, Martin wants to watch TV) --James Hurst (musical-comedy star) - ""Joey"" --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Joan Halloway (singer-dancer) - ""The Real American Folk Song"" --Little, Dane & Masou (comedy trio) - ""How Can You Believe Me,"" ""How-De-Doo"" & ""She Used to be My Girl"" --Chop Chop And Charlene (illusion act, magician blows knot out of handkerchief and, later in show, makes a chicken disappear & reappear in flaming pan)
  • July 09, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Phyllis Diller (comedian) --The Brothers Four (vocal group) - ""My Little John Henry"" --Felicia Sanders - sings a medley from ""My Fair Lady"" --Joey Adams (comedian) --Al Kelly (comedian) --Timmie Rogers (comedian) --Gali Gali (magician) --Gail Horner (baton twirler) --The Domenechs (balancing act) --On film: a clip from the movie ""Goodbye Again""
  • July 30, 1961
    Scheduled guests: --Pearl Bailey (singer) --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist with his dummy Mortimer Snerd) --Don Adams (comedian) --Marion Marlowe (singer) --Alfred Drake (singer) --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Augie and Margo (dancers) --Nicky Re David (a paddleboard expert) --The Wazzans (a tumbling act)