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Party Down

4.4 stars (24 votes)
30 min - 2 Seasons - 20 Episodes - Ended




2009 - 2010


"Party Down" follows a Los Angeles catering team - a sextet of Hollywood wannabes stuck working for tips while hoping for their "big break." Each episode of this half-hour comedy finds the hapless catering team working a new event - and inevitably getting tangled up with the colorful guests and their absurd lives.

Recurring Cast

Lizzy Caplan as Casey Klein
Ken Marino as Ron Donald
Adam Scott as Henry Pollard
Jane Lynch as Constance Carmell
Martin Starr as Roman DeBeers
Ryan Hansen as Kyle Bradway
maximm 2013-07-29T20:01:53+00:00 5 stars
RyanTheConsumer 2011-11-18T03:22:03+00:00 3 stars
the_fuzz 2011-07-04T11:57:39+00:00 5 stars
fforde 2011-06-17T14:55:33+00:00 4 stars
scenic74uk 2011-06-10T13:54:43+00:00 4 stars

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