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John Carter

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103 min
"Lost in Our World. Found in Another."
3.5 stars (64 votes)
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Directed by:

Andrew Stanton

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John Carter, a Civil War veteran who in 1868 was trying to live a normal life, is "asked" by the Army to join. But he refuses so he is locked up. He escapes and is pursued. Eventually they run into some Indians and there's a gunfight. Carter seeks refuge in a cave. While there he encounters someone who is holding some kind of medallion. When Carter touches it, he finds himself in a place where he can leap incredible heights, among other things. He later encounters beings he has never seen before. Later he meets a woman who helps him to discover that he is on Mars. And he learns there's some kind of unrest going on.
war59312 2012-05-25T21:57:13+00:00 4 stars
"Decent Movie"
full review
Fun for the young-ins, they love the alien "dog".
elsynek 2014-03-22T01:11:45+00:00 3 stars
thebozz 2013-12-30T19:19:45+00:00 4 stars
Mykkael 2013-11-10T11:11:31+00:00 3 stars
ThomasWe 2013-08-03T17:37:33+00:00 5 stars
chrisonline 2013-07-02T16:36:06+00:00 5 stars
xcilence 2013-04-25T10:19:01+00:00 5 stars
emphatic 2013-03-06T00:35:21+00:00 5 stars
gofar1000 2013-02-16T22:42:49+00:00 2 stars
pogo1104 2012-12-24T23:18:05+00:00 4 stars
BillyButt 2012-11-09T22:37:27+00:00 3 stars
Duz16 2012-08-13T09:10:48+00:00 3 stars
opden 2012-07-25T12:15:43+00:00 3 stars
wendellm 2012-07-21T09:18:59+00:00 3 stars
TBuster 2012-07-20T17:14:03+00:00 3 stars
Kaufi 2012-07-14T15:26:55+00:00 3 stars
puntazoking 2012-07-13T20:40:44+00:00 3 stars
amilewski 2012-07-12T23:14:57+00:00 3 stars
Joerg 2012-06-24T20:34:10+00:00 5 stars
scenic74 2012-06-24T16:49:38+00:00 3 stars

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