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30 Minutes or Less

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83 min
3.2 stars (35 votes)
Ranked # 205 on


Directed by:

Ruben Fleischer

Written by:


The film opens with a beat-up old blue Mustang flying through the air, as its driver launches it at high-speed through a neighborhood in Grand Rapids...
stevelovell 2011-11-10T22:31:56+00:00 3 stars
"Really funny... at times! Worth watching once."
toadovsky 2013-04-17T10:56:35+00:00 2 stars
maximm 2012-09-15T10:53:32+00:00 3 stars
aFFekopp 2012-08-11T16:16:48+00:00 3 stars
scenic74 2012-06-24T20:38:30+00:00 3 stars
Kirk 2012-06-17T11:32:02+00:00 3 stars
darkside40 2012-06-06T21:04:04+00:00 4 stars
purplelion77 2012-04-11T19:14:14+00:00 4 stars
fforde 2012-01-24T04:33:41+00:00 4 stars
cyco 2012-01-22T20:48:09+00:00 3 stars
CaPtaiN_eYeSaNo 2011-11-28T05:15:23+00:00 4 stars
goldjunge 2011-11-27T00:13:56+00:00 2 stars
pierremarsal 2011-11-26T17:46:53+00:00 3 stars
sandervp 2011-11-24T22:14:04+00:00 3 stars
Nightstalk3rs 2011-11-22T06:33:25+00:00 4 stars
empyrean3k 2011-11-19T05:51:54+00:00 3 stars
giorgospan 2011-11-15T15:06:24+00:00 3 stars
askelon 2011-11-12T08:23:21+00:00 3 stars
tomfrogger 2011-11-01T10:54:46+00:00 3 stars

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