Sad news from


s9e30 Hello, Goodbye, Hello
May 09, 1986

Directed by:

Nick Havinga

Written by:

Leonard Katzman
J.R. tries to get Ewing Oil out of financial trouble. Ray is determined to fix the problem with Tony's adoption but he learns that it may be necessary to have Aunt Lil testify. Ben Stivers talks to Clayton about his past. Harry McSween comes up with dirt from Mark Graison past. Sue Ellen invites J.R. to go to a reception with her. Punk Anderson has a strange fellings that he's met Ben Stivers before. Jerry Kenderson is upset to see Sue Ellen with J.R. at the reception. J.R. and Sue Ellen get even closer. The Krebbs get another chance at adopting Tony. J.R. gets squeezed by the banks. J.R. tells Mandy again that it's over between them. Angelica Nero has J.R. at gunpoint.
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