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The Zeta Project

s1e11 Kid Genius
August 11, 2001

Directed by:

Bob Doucette

Written by:

Paul Diamond
Zee and Roe are riding through the desert on a hoverbike when it is taken over by boy-genius Bucky and brought to his home. His parents are missing, and are working with Bucky's nemesis Dr. Tanner on some kind of youth-restoration project. Bucky wants the duo to help him. They go to Tanner's spa and discover that the youth-project has gone awry. Bucky's parents, and most of the customers, have become children, while other customers have become devolved apemen. Tanner' knocks out Zeta and forces Bucky to work for him to try and reverse the process. Bucky and Roe manage to escape, as does Zeta. An explosion triggers the nearby mud-geysers, destroying the complex. Zeta downloaded the schematics so they can restore Bucky's parents to his normal age, while an escaping Tanner is stuck with the rest of the ""children"".
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